What is 2Safe?

Document management 100% digital in your business.

2Safe is an online document and process management system. Our purpose is to enable companies to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and reduce risks related to tax and labor inspections.

2Safe Solution is the most complete solution for managing your company's workflow, enabling all the tasks to be accomplished on time and aided by monitoring reports. In addition, all documents generated in the process will be saved digitally in a secure storage area, easily searched, allowing validity management, version control and more.

What will change for you?

2Safe will allow management of all your processes in all departments of the company.

More speed

Documents that previously took up to 15 days to reach the destination or even did not arrive, will arrive in minutes.

Less Risks

All documents are indexed and saved. No chances of losing anything. They can be used at any time.

Less Costs

How much money is spent to store and transport the documentation of all employees who have passed through your company?


Imagine knowing right now which processes should be completed and were not, or how many documents are expired, and so on.

Better Processes

2Safe manages every activity and document of your human resources department processes, without error!

Document Logistics

You will capture, validate, store and distribute all documents to everyone involved in the process.

What sets us apart?

Information security

Rigorous system of access to information and resource management, including activity log per user.

Responsive Behavior

2Safe solution fits screens of different sizes and formats, including mobile devices.

Individual access

Every access is registered and can be traced back to a single ID.

Platform customization

It allows the use of your own logo, in addition to subdomain and trigger account of customized emails.

Integration APIs

Access to all web platform functions on any system through API integration.

Tool Parameterization

Possibility to create desired organizational and documentary structures, types of processes, file extensions, set image quality and resolution, indexing fields, etc.