Optimize processes

Optimize your processes easily and securely.

Optimize processes

Have you ever thought that the processes in every department of your company would not need so many people to manage them, if you did not have that constant fear that they are not being done right?

2SAFE ensures that no process advances without the current step being safely and traceably met.

How 2SAFE optimizes your processes

Quick installation

Your company signs up and at the same time you already have access to a complete process structure, with preconfigured tasks and documents mapped at each stage of the process.

Flow automation

Creation of customizable workflows, in order to automate and speed up document processing.

Approvals system

Definition of the stages that depend on approval, profiles that perform this function, and the quantity of authorizations required.

Closing time

Definition of deadlines for accomplishing the steps and for the expiration of the process.

Types of documents

Configuration of the types of documents that can be associated with the process.

Quick indexing

Automatic assignment of document indexing fields to the process flow.

User profiles and roles

Assignment of users of the process, defining actions and responsibilities to the users of every specific module.

Notification system

E-mail notifications according to the defined rule, to alert phase changes, need for approvals, and so on.

Process audit

Generation of customized reports for remote audit of the documents registered in each stage of the process.